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Du Vendredi 08 Avril 2016 au Samedi 09 Avril 2016
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Equine Hindlimb Lameness Diagnostics & Therapy – A 2-Day Practical Course

Nřrlund Hestehospital
DK-8653 Them

Nřrlund Hestehospital
This two-day practical course has been developed for equine veterinarians who have experience with lameness investigations and provides a critical overview of possible causes of hindlimb lameness, diagnostic anaesthetic strategies and how to interpret nerve and joint block results, via a regio-anatomic approach. Discussions on the upper hindlimb as a cause of lameness (hip joint, pelvic and sacroiliac problems) and on systemic and intra-articular joint therapies will round the course off.   In the afternoons, 7 hours of practical and case-based sessions will give attendees plenty of opportunity to put theory into practice on live horses and limb specimens in small groups (2-4 people per ultrasound machine) and to discuss all aspects of Hindlimb Lameness diagnostics and therapeutics with the specialists. Each attendee will be rotating through the following practical and case-based stations: Different Forms of Lameness Examination; Regional & Intra-synovial Injection Techniques (incl. Ultrasound-guided Tecniques): Ultrasonography of the proximal Metatarsus & Tarsus; Ultrasonography of the Stifle Joint; Clinical Cases.
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