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The 1st International Congress on Food Supplements Safety and Compliance (FSSC-2018)

Du Lundi 25 Juin 2018 au Mardi 26 Juin 2018 à Vienna
A partir de: 09:00
It is essential to inform this description this is your personal promotion for this event and for its referencing.It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend The 1st International Congress on Food Supplements Safety and Compliance  (FSSC-2018) taking place in Vienna, Austria from 25-26 June 2018.

In the past few decades a lot of progress has been made in harmonisation of regulatory and safety requirements for food supplements (FS) in EU and a lot of attention has been paid to the interpretation and implementation of various provisions, e.g. maximum permitted levels of vitamins and minerals, nutritional and health claims, food contact materials, maximum residue levels of pesticides and veterinary medicines, etc.  However, based on the experience from the industry and in particular SME manufacturers and importers of FS products, there is a clear need for clarification and additional guidance in specific important areas, risk assessment of food ingredients and finished products, borderline cases between food supplements and pharmaceuticals, scientific claim support and substantiation, etc.

The general Food Law (Reg EC/178/2002) and the Food Supplements Directive and set a general framework and requirements for safety and compliance of food supplements, but in practice very little information is available about the practical interpretation and implementation of some of the basic requirements, like “How to practically approach the risk assessment of food ingredients and finished products?”.

In the view of the much-needed discussions on these topics, with this congress we aim to bring together renowned regulatory experts, representatives from industry and leading authorities and to provide a platform for exchange of essential knowledge and information.

We aim to bring together the knowledge and expertise from the industry associations (e.g. Food Supplements Europe, Council for Responsible Nutrition, etc.), academic scientists, regulatory experts and the authorities.
Join the Congress and benefit from expanding your network. Meet new friends, greet old colleagues and discuss new insight gained.

FSSC-2018 looks forward to welcoming you to the historical and majestic city of Vienna.
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Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Internationnale
Visiteurs/Participants: 400
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Type d'événement: Congrès
Secteur principal: NUTRITION
Secteurs concernés: Diabétologie -Endocrinologie -Gastro-entérologie -Médecine du sport -Nutrition -Toxicologie -

34 Habarzel
61534 Tel Aviv

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The 1st International Congress on Food Supplements Safety and Compliance (FSSC-2018)
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