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4th European Symposium on Pediatric Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation

Du Jeudi 15 Juin 2017 au Vendredi 16 Juin 2017 à PARIS
A partir de: 08:00
The hand of a Child is not a mini-adult hand, but a growing, developing hand!

On behalf of the French Society of Hand Surgery, we are very pleased to welcome you in Paris for the Fourth European Symposium on Paediatric Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation. It will be held in the historical university district, the Quartier Latin, one block from La Sorbonne, in the old Faculty of Medicine of Paris.

The aim of the paediatric hand team is to maximise the functional potential and to improve the appearance of the upper limb. This should promote activity and participation and support the psychological wellbeing of the developing child. Thorough understanding improves our therapeutical strategies and therefore, we will start with state of the Art lectures on upper limb development in the light of the most recent advances in morphogenetics, molecular control of tissue development, the different chemical pathways and their application in the new classification. Lectures by international experts on subjects such as “what’s new in ...microsurgery, in the treatment of crooked fingers, in polydactyly, in macro- dactyly”, and group discussions promote the continuous education of medical professionals and hand therapists.

Orthopaedic, general, plastic and paediatric hand surgeons, therapists, geneti- cists, psychologists and paediatricians are all welcomed to attend. Many pro- fessionals in Europe have exposure to this work as a smaller proportion of their practice and wish to gain confidence in decision-making and technique. This is an opportunity to fulfil this desire. We will promote large discussions with the Faculty, the panel of speakers and the audience.

Come and benefit from this unique opportunity to exhibit and meet all specia- lists attending the meeting !

Stéphane Guero, MD
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Public concerné: Professionnel
Audience: Régionale
Visiteurs/Participants: 300
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Type d'événement: Congrès
Secteur principal: PEDIATRIE
Secteurs concernés: Chirurgie de la main -Chirurgie orthopédie -Chirurgie pédiatrique -

44 boulevard Périer
13008 marseille

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4th European Symposium on Pediatric Hand Surgery and Rehabilitation
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Congrès, formations ou conférences médicales en PEDIATRIE
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